What Scares Me, What Gives Me Hope

I feel like we don’t always talk honestly about our feelings these days. In particular, I feel like we talk about hopes and dreams and aspirations a lot more than we share our fears.

Allow me to share some fears. These are topics on my mind regularly, things that give me anxiety in my life.

It’s my hope that I’ll look back on this list in ten years and recognize progress. For my own sanity, and because I'm not a total monster, I've appended a list of things that give me hope afterwards.

What Scares Me

This list is haphazard and unorganized, much as you might expect of a barfing of fears.

  • Climate Change
    • Impact
    • Denialism
    • Impotence at change
  • Society
    • Rise of Intolerance
      • Calling people who disagree with you Nazis
      • Actual Nazis
      • Right Wing Extremism
    • Democracy
      • Weakening Institutions
      • Weakening belief in it
      • Money == Political Power
      • Loss of democratic norms
      • Populist Autocrats
    • Attention Spans
      • My own included
  • Internet
    • Surveillance Business Models
    • Engagement as a metric
      • Algorithms seeking to maximize engagement
        • The effect these algorithms are having on the rise of intolerance.
      • Does working on making JS better make the world a better place?
    • Weak Media Literacy
      • Especially as it makes democracy vulnerable to those algorithms pushing engagement.
  • Nuclear Weapons
  • Canada
    • Reduced Cohesiveness
    • Alberta
      • Alberta's Economic Future w.r.t oil, climate change.
  • Personal
    • Gun Violence (My local community has had a large number of shootings lately, my cousin was just shot, and I fear guns every time I travel to the United States)
    • Community Safety
    • Retirement
    • "Doing the Right Thing"
    • My own personal impact on climate change.
    • Skills Stagnation.
Fears - December 2018 Transparent.png

What Gives Me Hope

It definitely frustrates me that the second list is so much shorter than the first.

What gives you hope?