Unfollowing on Twitter

In February of this year I started getting off Twitter.

For a while, I was really good at this! I was totally off Twitter, and I was really happy with that. I decided I wasn’t coming back.

Over the last four or five months though, I’ve found myself… edging back toward Twitter. The thing is, there are a lot of people I loved following on twitter, and I missed their stuff. I found myself slowly getting pulled back in.

To try to prevent this, I have started unfollowing people on Twitter, pretty much every time I find myself there. Eventually I’ll probably get to the point where I only follow people who never post… or I’ll bite the bullet and go through the remainder and unfollow everyone.

It’s not a judgement on anyone, more a sanity-preserving measure for myself.

I’ll keep blogging, and keep my auto-poster to Twitter running, as I know people are using it.

Who know. Maybe one day I’ll be able to go back. Or perhaps not: Enagement driving machines scare me more and more over time. Somehow I don’t see Twitter not getting worse.