Open tabs are cognitive spaces

I love this blog post by Michail Rybakov, Open tabs are cognitive spaces. It provides insight into a way of working (the hundreds of tabs model) I've always found baffling and confusing. I wonder if some of the tooling he talks about was more common, if I wouldn't aim more towards a thousand-tab style.

Also, I learned something super cool:

The Sitterwerk library in St.Gallen follows a serendipity principle. Every book has an RFID chip, so you can place books everywhere on the shelves - the electronic catalogue will update the location of the book accordingly. The visitors are encouraged to build their own collection, placing books that they used for their research together, thus enabling the next reader to find something relevant by chance, something they didn’t know they were looking for.
— Open tabs are cognitive spaces

I absolutely love that idea, as much as it scares the organized person in me.