Paper I Love: "The Challenges of Staying Together While Moving Fast"

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I recently had the opportunity to meet Julia Rubin when she was meeting at IBM. While we met for only a few minutes, we had a great (albeit short) conversation, and I started looking into her publications. With only one read, (out of a small pile!) I've already found a paper I want to share with everyone: 

"The Challenges of Staying Together While Moving Fast: An Exploratory Study" - Julia Rubin and Martin Rinard (PDF)

This paper speaks to me: It really validates many of my workplace anxieties, and assures me that these feelings are quite universal across organizations. The industry really hasn't nailed building large software products, and there's a lot of work that could be done to make things better. 

The paper includes a section titled "Future Opportunities". I hope academia listens, as there are great projects in there with potential for impact on developers lives.