IBM's JIT Talk, RubyKaigi 2015

After I gave my talk at RubyKaigi, people told me that it went well. While I believed them, I really wanted to see how it went for myself. Fortunately, the talks were recorded, and have since been posted to Youtube. I'm reasonably happy with my performance! 

My talk's video has actually been available on YouTube for a little while now, but I held off posting it until our Technology Preview was  back in action, which happened last week. 

The slides are re-embedded below: 

Japan: Part 0

As is traditional... because I'm doing it now, therefore making it the start of the tradition, I am posting a preview of my trip to Japan, while sitting in Terminal 2 of Narita airport.

Unprocessed, Directly from Camera

More will come once I am home. I am thinking this will end up being a series of posts, as it would likely be too much for one post. 

My Kaigi talk's video hasn't been posted yet, however, I can share the slides below.

I'll have more thought on Kaigi once I have had more time to digest the trip. In the mean time, please, download our Tech Preview, and let use know what you think of it!