Better than Bad News on Climate: Volume III

Just one link this time. I don’t have a great selection right now, and this one is too good too sit on any longer: “How to decarbonize America — and the world” by Ramez Naam.

Two parts of this piece stand out for me. The first is that it talks about agriculture, where much talk about decarbonization focuses only on electricity and transport. The second is his discussion of electricity grids; This is something I think we should be talking more about in Canada. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Canada’s Really Big. To me this hints that there is access to renewable energy across the country, but a nation wide high voltage electrical grid would allow us to move the generation to where it’s least environmentally impactful, and best deployed (What do the wind patterns look like in the middle of Hudson’s Bay? I legitimately don’t know, but I wonder if it would make an excellent home for deep water wind farms), and then transmit that energy to Canada’s urban centres (and perhaps export!)