Practical Fatherhood: Early Lessons, Volume III

Photo Sharing and Updates

One of my biggest failures of pre-planning for the baby was deciding on how to do updates and photos. When you have a baby there's all sorts of family who you want to keep up to date, with photos and updates.

My priorities are different than most people's. I wanted to minimize the amount our baby ended up on Facebook, and generally, keep our privacy as a family and as a dad. I didn't really think about how I wanted to accomplish this until after the baby arrived, so I've ended up with a bit of a bodged solution, involving a password protected blog, iCloud photo sharing, and a mailing list.

My recommendation to other future fathers is to think it through better than I did!

Lock In

So how did we choose our baby bottles? I am a little ashamed to say that it wasn't thorough research and decision making. Nope, what happened was that we got a free bottle when buying some maternity clothes. After that, we stuck with that brand because it was easy, and they formed a set.

There's an aspect here of lock-in: Small choices at the beginning, and suddenly you have a dozen bottles of the same brand, two dozen nipples, the bottle warmer, and the sterilizer.

Mostly my point here is that you may find these things snowball.