A Random Music Post

I’ve been all weird about blogging lately, because i have a bunch of posts ideas that have been blocking me. Posts too difficult to write because I’m not able to articulate my feelings on the topics sufficiently (ugh, one of them is Twitter, of course 😒).

Anyhow: Let’s just make this a music post, to unbreak the log jam. Here’s some stuff I’ve been listening to and loving.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano

I have been loving Gabriel’s output for a few months now. Golden Wings was a huge hit for me for a couple of straight weeks, and his album Jardín is also full of great stuff. The play counts on these youtube videos are criminally low.

Pan Amsterdam

What a fascinating old-school rap style. Great album.

Devon Lamarr Organ Trio

I have watched this live performance multiple times, along with another from The True Loves. What a fun band (and the albums are great too)


I feel like you don’t hear so much jazz flute these days, so Tenderlonious’s whole album The Shakedown is worth listening to.

Jeremy Dutcher

Jeremy Dutcher’s album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa recently won the Polaris prize. My understanding is that he learned songs of his ancestors recorded on wax cylinders, and added music. The result is incredible. It’s worth listening to over and over again.