2017 in Review

Month By Month


  • Acquired Waffle Maker. A+, would do again.
  • Karaoke: I have friends who can sing!
  • Was lent a fuzz pedal: Fun! Thanks Michael


  • FOSDEM in Brussels! Good talks, good beer.
  • Visiting my sister in Santa Monica. Suddenly LA makes huge amounts of sense. February beach visits.
  • Winter Cabin Visit. From the beach to a frozen lake in five days. Thanks Calvin!


  • Replace lost wedding ring.
  • Buy wedding suit.
  • Spend savings on new acoustic guitar.
  • See Book of Mormon


  • Condo Shopping, as Toronto real estate market continues to rocket to infinity.
  • Finally replace sunglasses, after a decade of service 😎
  • Decide we're moving to Ottawa


  • First house hunting trip in Ottawa.
  • Bachelor Party! Wedding!
  • Second House Hunting Trip: Home Purchase!


  • Balcony Parties
  • Georgian Bay Camping Trip (thanks Gloria!)
  • Car Purchase!


  • Giant Duck
  • Take possession of the house
  • Goodbye Party
  • Packing! Moving!
  • New office, new colleagues.
  • Beer and BBQ in our back yard!
  • La Machine
  • Interviewing for Mozilla starts


  • Julia and Keith's Wedding in Edmonton
  • New washer and dryer
  • Mosiaca
  • Air and Space museum with Michael and Jia
  • Solar Eclipse!
  • Marsh Hike


  • Katie and Brett's Wedding in Edmonton
  • Exploring Gatineau Park
  • The trees of Ottawa begin to change.
  • Registered for Drivers Ed!
  • Ottawa Beach Visit with Gloria
  • California Interview w/ Mozilla
  • Broken Garage Door
  • Roughriders Game at Landsdown Park with Iain and Zoë


  • Parliament Visit with Iain and Zoë
  • Honeymoon in the Azores!
  • Dungeon World!
  • The Flophouse Live in Toronto!
  • Halloween!


  • New Garage Door
  • Surf And Turf Festival at the House of Targ.
  • Part of a band stays over!
  • Meeting new people in Ottawa
  • Last day at IBM
  • First day with Mozilla!


  • First week working from home
  • Austin All Hands Meeting
  • SNOW! Lots of snow, followed by Cold. Very cold.


  • Discovered the joy of Mary Robinette Kowal. I really have enjoyed the Glamourist Histories
  • 1286 items added to my music library (with >0 plays) according to iTunes.


Had a busy year this year! When I look at my 2017 in Preview post, I think I did OK, but much of the actual life events of 2017 couldn't have been predicted when I wrote that post. I'm planning on writing a 2018 in preview post... who knows what I won't see coming!