Music of April 2016

I have been planning one of these posts for a while now! Finally getting around to it! 

I found Uproot Andy via his Worldwide Ting Vol. 1 Mixtape (free download) almost certainly via Giles Peterson. 👍🏼

Kaitlin Aurelia Smith's album EARS has been playing quite a bit for me lately. Fantastic organic synth filled jazz. I can't find a video of the track which haunts me most, "When I Try, I'm Full", but the linked to above "Rare Things Grow" is in my mind a companion piece.

I continue to be mildly obsessed with Nao. For some reason, everything she does is attuned directly to the pop-sensitive part of my brain, and I love her for it.  

I dipped back into the Transistor soundtrack recently. Great for working to, but there are also some very strong songs that can stand on their own, like the above, "We All Become", featuring Ashley Barrett. 

If you listen to the Gilles Peterson Worldwide show on BBC 6 Music, I am certain most of the music in this post is not new to you, as I steal shameless from him. However, if you're not (you should!), you may have missed The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, and you shouldn't miss them. 

I suspect there will be a lot more starRo in future posts, as I've just discovered his Soundcloud page. Up until writing this post, I knew very little about starRo... I don't even remember how I found him.... I think possibly via a remix (This Little Dragon mix is pretty good!

The first track off an excellent compilation album, Detroit Jazz City, which that link tells me is actually a benefit album. 

I think that's enough for today. Who knows, maybe I'll be back with more. Here's a link to an Apple Music Playlist, if that works for you!