A Real Camera

This weekend we went out on two different adventures. First was a trip Andrea and I took to Rouge Park, to wander around in the woods, and the second was a trip to an apple orchard to pick ourselves some apples for pies.

They were both a lot of fun. Interestingly they were both trips I brought my Fujifilm X20 on, after about six months of doing most of my photography with my phone. 

Boy, what a reminder of how even an older camera can really dramatically outshine a phone camera. So much talk about how phones have replaced point and shoots is very true; the best camera is the one you have with you.  

However, the difference in quality between my phone (iPhone 6s) and this three year old Fuji is so noticeable. 

Having a zoom lens, even only 4x, helps immensely with framing, and I find the Fuji puts out crisper, brighter pictures than I typically get from my phone.  

The downsides are definitely there though. One is of course size. As well, I find that on average the Fuji is a touch slower to autofocus, and heck of a lot slower to actually write out a photo. Perhaps if I bought a faster SD card that could be helped. 

Anyhow. Long way of me saying: not vacationing without the Fuji any time soon, and I suspect, I will eventually replace it with another stand alone camera, even if the iPhone 7's depth effect is amazing.