Favourite Things of 2015

Given that the beginning of a New Year is supposed to be about reflection... and the Playstation Network is down... I'll share some of my favourite things this year. 

  • Twitter has been excellent to me this year. Lots of entertainment and information. Here's some accounts that have been my favourites for 2015. 
  • Music:
  • Books

  • I took a bit of a plunge into comics this year, getting a Marvel Unlimited subscription in the last four months of the year. I've really enjoyed a good chunk of what I read... and gave up on pretty much anything I didn't like.

  • Movies: 

    • Jupiter Ascending. No. Seriously. Incredibly fun. Just fun. Purely about fun. 

    • That movie about the Force and stuff. 

  • Other: 

    • Sea-doo. Turns out... lots and lots of fun.