Some Music for your Ears

I forget sometimes that this is my damn blog. And if I want to embed a crap tonne of music... I can do that! 

Nao - Zillionaire

Easily one of my favourite songs found via Julie Adenuga's show on Beats 1

Off the same EP, Inhale Exhale has a bassline that I love. 

JME - Man Dont' Care (ft. Giggs) 

I can't help but like a song that has this lyric: 

Nostradamus couldn't see me
Expelliarmus couldn't stop me

Nice reminder of how much I like Grime. 

Stormzy - Know Me From

Love the gimmick filled one-take video... surprisingly catchy song too. 

If that's his mom by the way, +100 points. 

Tinariwen - Chaghayabou

Just listen to this.

Miles Davis - Tutu

I may be the last person in the world to hear this, but daaaamn.  

Alright. That's all for now. Expect more of these though. I'm far too lazy to make a radio show, but, I do enjoy the hell out of sharing new music.