The worst search result page

Whelp. I may have found the worst search result on the internet. 

There is so much wrong here. 

There is so much wrong here. 

Alright. Let's break this down. 

  1. I searched for 'seedling'. The page responds: "No results for 'seedling'. Displaying 13 results for 'seedling'". WAT. 
  2. The results are all lamps. 
  3. Except for Miracle-Gro. So there's that. 
  4. There are only 12 results displayed. 

They also think I'm in Vancouver. Which is about as wrong as they can be. Except, when I try to change it, it says "null" in the top left, and then thinks I searched for an empty string. 

edit: Now that I've calmed down a bit, it turns out that 13 results is actually accurate: There's also the "Know how" tab that I missed. So 13 results, 12 products, 1 pieces of 'know how'.