What Have I Been Up To?

So, I've been cagey about writing about work here. While it's no longer a secret what I've been up to, I guess I still have a residual amount of hesitance to writing about my work. So here I am, trying to push back against my hesitance! 


JavaOne was last week, and IBM had some representation, including some people I work with. 

Perhaps the most important presentation for sharing what I'm working on, was that of my team lead, Daryl Maier, who presented the following on Wednesday (video here).

In it, he covers the work I'm most closely connected with: The refactoring and reshaping of an existing runtime system into a language agnostic set of recyclable components, which we want to open source!

Our focus, as the JIT team has of course been on the refactoring of the JIT compiler, however, other teams in the IBM Runtimes area are also involved.For example, below is a slide deck from Charlie Gracie describing the Garbage Collection portion of the effort. 

In addition to refactoring, my personal focus has been on the Ruby JIT, improving functionality, and exploring approaches to compilation for Ruby.

I've learned an immense amount about virtual machines, JIT compilation and software engineering over the last year or so. I'm planning on doing some in-depth writing about the JIT, and I will link to / republish it here as soon as I've gotten to it.

I'll also be presenting at a conference next month!  (More on that later!) 

One last thing: If any of this sounds interesting, if you have questions, or want to come work with us? Drop me a line: magaudet <> ca.ibm.com!, @MattStudies