What Caught My Eye - Week 9

Diversity and Culture in Tech

  • Laura Hudson writes about The Videogame That Finally Made Me Feel Like a Human Being, which is a recent addition to the game The Last of Us.

    We don’t just need more women in videogames — we need more women who don’t fit in boxes. Left Behind isn’t remarkable just because it meets a quota. Ellie and Riley aren’t just concepts or good intentions. They’re people: fully-realized, quirky, funny, dangerous girls. Ellie isn’t there for anyone – to inspire, titillate or motivate them. Ellie there because she’s herself, and for once, that’s reason enough.

  • I’m an Engineer, not a Cheerleader

    One major problem, gender stereotypes, appears in the most mundane magazines, television programs, or music tracks. In toy stores, girls are relegated to the “pink aisle” with dolls and pretend ovens while boys wander into the “manly aisle” with train sets and toy cars. As a child, I loved to play with Legos, spending hours fitting the pieces together to build any structure I imagined. I adored dolls, but I could never find one that exactly mirrored my enthusiasm for science and engineering.

  • Kids' images of Scientists, before and after meeting one.


  • As part of the investigation after the Columbia a plan was explored as to how Columbia could have been saved. Lee Hutchinson summarized the plan for Arstechnica.

    His rememberance of the memorial ceremony is touching.


  • Dirtbag Hamlet

    DIRTBAG SHAKESPEARE imagines modern remakes of Shakespearean plays with a teenage dirtbag cast. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

  • Deer Jesus, ...

Life Goes On

The game Life Goes On, made by some good friends (and their partners!) is now available for preorder.

Try it out by playing the demo, and then pre-order it at their site, via the HumbleStore, or through Steam.