What Caught My Eye - Week 11

This one is going to be short and sweet. I've been sucking at keeping track this week, and sufficiently busy and burnt-out that I've not collected as much as usual.

Arts and Culture

  • The Black Hand Files:

    A few months ago, my child came in and calmly announced, "I have a friend named Black Hand. He's here right now. You can't see him."

  • William Shakespeare presents: Terminator The Second

  • Some more on John Roderick's trip to a Miley Cyrus Concert

    John Roderick explains that, contrary to his first impression, he watches the show in utter amazement, slowly understanding that Miley Cyrus is in complete control of every aspect of her career.

    The whole event was completely unironic. There was no cynicism to it. The net result was a total positivity towards the 8-10000 girls all dressed like sex workers. You realize that they are not dressing like that for the male gaze, because there are no men here. They are dressing like that for one another, for their own pleasure, and in homage to Miley, and she's dressing like that for them. And the other amazing thing was that not a single person looked at me like I was a creep. Every single girl that made eye contact with me — which was hundreds and hundreds of them — they all smiled and were like "Hi!" or "Excuse me!" I never for a moment had that feeling of "Omg, What are you doing here?" That was absent from the place.