2017 in Preview

  • Get Married.
    • Honeymoon somewhere interesting
  • Get better at guitar.
    • Play w/ someone.
    • Better practice routine. 
  • Learn to program in rust.
  • Learn to drive a car
    • Get drivers licence.
  • Speak at more conferences.
  • Write more.
    • Less self consciousness about posting stuff here. 
  • Less useless panic about the state of the world. 
  • Get outside more!
    • More Camping
    • More travel around area. 
  • See friends more. 


2016 in Review

  • Wedding Planning
    • Venue Selection, Food Tasting, people finding and more.
  • Alberta Birthday Party! 
  • Condo Hunting (ended in abandonment)
  • Took up Guitar: Bought first guitar off of the internet. 
  • Introducing inlaws to Korean food. 
  • Dumplings from Above
  • First escape room
  • First long distance train ride; To sister's graduation from MA in Ottawa. Had an allergy attack for 5 hours on the way home. 
    • Visit to Montreal, visiting Uncles.
  • Tried (and adored) Cuvée Des Jacobins Rouge
  • BBQ'd Lamb (:drools:)
  • Canada Day 
  • BBQ'd pork ribs
  • Started a new D&D Campaign
  • 9 Days Camping in the Woods
    • Fishing
    • Reading
    • Sleeping
    • Eating 
  • Sweet Sweet Civilization
  • Getting drenched in a summer rainstorm. 
  • Tragically Hip's Final Show
  • Big Beef Bowl hand made noodles
  • Kyoto for Ruby Kaigi 2016
  • Open Sourced OMR
  • Apple Picking
  • Hot Pot
  • Sister in Law's Wedding
  • Amsterdam for VMIL @ SPLASH 2016
  • Bought Electric Guitar
  • Trump Elected. 
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day 🦃 
  • New Years with Friends! 

Other highlights of the year

  • Fantastic Interns
  • Rick and Morty
  • The Nice Guys
  • Apple Music
    • 164 songs added to my library marked as 'loved' in 2016. 
  • Lies of Locke Lamora
  • The Expanse Series

Blues Day

Just a random post of some music I have found of late -- Should have been a November Music Post, but given we're almost two weeks into December... 

I remember this album from when I was much younger: My parents owned it and played it... but I rediscovered it this year, and it is amazing. 

Rokia Traore - Douina

New discovery for me. 👍

July-October Music.

I got very busy after June, in the mad dash to get the OMR compiler component out the door, and so I got behind on writing up music.

Of course, I didn't stop listening! So, I'll try to go through some of what I found awesome over the last few months. 

John Lee Hooker's Decoration Day: Heartbreaker of a blues song. 

Sarathy Kowar's album Day to Day is fascinating. Bhajan is :thumbsup:. 

John Scofield's jazzy take on House of the Rising sub. Fun, especially as I've been learning to play guitar, and the straight forward traditional House of the Rising sun was one of the first things I learned to pick up. 

Swedish born Snoh Allegra... well, I'm not going to write much better than this.

I have a huge appreciation for finely constructed pop music that's a little on the edge. This Banks song is right up my alley. No idea what's going on with the video, and lyrically: ? ? ?. But finely constructed pop. 

I only recently discovered Derrick Hodge as an artist on his own, but he's played on Robert Glasper's albums before, so I've almost certainly heard him play before. I actually wanted to embed his song Transitions, but Soundcloud tells me not available in Canada. Sad face. 

Stormzy: Solid modern grime. 

Rag'n'Bone Man - Human. Great, heartfelt. 

Alright. I think that's enough for this edition. I'm sure I missed an enormous amount, and will find new things. But, hopefully I'll do these more frequently and have less enormous gaps!

A Real Camera

This weekend we went out on two different adventures. First was a trip Andrea and I took to Rouge Park, to wander around in the woods, and the second was a trip to an apple orchard to pick ourselves some apples for pies.

They were both a lot of fun. Interestingly they were both trips I brought my Fujifilm X20 on, after about six months of doing most of my photography with my phone. 

Boy, what a reminder of how even an older camera can really dramatically outshine a phone camera. So much talk about how phones have replaced point and shoots is very true; the best camera is the one you have with you.  

However, the difference in quality between my phone (iPhone 6s) and this three year old Fuji is so noticeable. 

Having a zoom lens, even only 4x, helps immensely with framing, and I find the Fuji puts out crisper, brighter pictures than I typically get from my phone.  

The downsides are definitely there though. One is of course size. As well, I find that on average the Fuji is a touch slower to autofocus, and heck of a lot slower to actually write out a photo. Perhaps if I bought a faster SD card that could be helped. 

Anyhow. Long way of me saying: not vacationing without the Fuji any time soon, and I suspect, I will eventually replace it with another stand alone camera, even if the iPhone 7's depth effect is amazing.